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Successful installation of the new MST HighGrip structure at the artificial pond for snow production „Gsteng“
calendarDate: 8/16/2015       viewVisitCount : 1892

We herewith kindly inform that we expand our product range with AGRU Seal Clean Gaskets.
calendarDate: 8/16/2015       viewVisitCount : 2958

The patented PE 100 ball valves of AGRU are a unique and innovative product solution for natural gas-, potable water and sewage applications.
calendarDate: 8/16/2015       viewVisitCount : 2853

For a project of OMV were used PE-Xa tubing inliner products of AGRU to extend the lifetime of the oil production.
calendarDate: 8/16/2015       viewVisitCount : 1920

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