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Quality Management

The management of Golnardeh Rolling and Profile Manufacturing , the greatest manufacturer of steel pipes and profiles in the Iran and middle east has accepted to run the company under the supervision and the control of a quality management system and declare its determination and commitment to establish and maintain quality system requirements according to ISO 9001 (2000) – ISO/TS 29001 – API Q1 SPEC 5L Standards.

Strategic principles and overall activities of the organization is based upon customer orientation and the above standard, through utilizing ISO 9004(2000) guidelines.

The objective of these policies and plans are to assure production according to the international standards and customers expectations. This is achived by utilizing well experienced trained and motivated human resources as a major backing of the company, existence of organizational discipline, modern technology and continual development of the company.

Our goal is to continually gain our customers trust and satisfaction.
In order to realize the objectives, we deem it our duty to meet statutory and regulatory requirements. Meanwhile I address you, my dear colleagues who are the organization wings and are runners of a part of our beloved country`s economic wheels, You should implement received procedures and instructions truly and help the organization to fulfil the requirements of the customers.

Undoubtedly production with customer`s expected quality along with the movement towards reaching the highest productivity levels, using continuous improvement system will lead the company in its way of opening and sustain development of the markets and meeting the defined export plans.

NO. 6, 2nd Floor, Marmar Building, Pamenar St., 15th of Khordad St.,Tehran, Iran