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Quality Control

Quality Control Department , by means of employing educated , highly qualified , and skilled personnel in concert with essential and necessary instructions , keep under control all raw material and final products. This group of personnel and equipment, which by its own right is unique in this industry some how represent customers in production halls and well equipment laboratory made exactly according to the customer's requirements .Company laboratory have been accredited by Institute of standards & Industrial Research of IRAN (ISIRI) .

Quality control department compromises of following section:
  • Control and Inspection of Raw material including Visual dimension inspection, spectrometer test, and tensile test.
  • Control and Inspection of production facilities including slitting , pipe making , galvanizing unit , and others.
  • Calibration Laboratory.
  • Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Online and offline tests.
  • Hydrostatic test for all and any length of pipe.
  • Eddy current test, (online and offline)
  • Final inspection prior to the shipment of consignment.

All the inspection and test are in accordance the procedures set by the standards.

Quantometery Laboratory
Calibration Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Mechanics Laboratory

NO. 6, 2nd Floor, Marmar Building, Pamenar St., 15th of Khordad St.,Tehran, Iran