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Phase 2

larger diameter pipes from outside diameter of 18 up to 168.7 millimeters with thickness of up to 5 millimeters are manufactured in this plant.

Steel coils (raw material) are cut to the required widths (pipe circumference), and then transported to production line. Due to the diversity of products, coils of different specifications, width, and thickness are used. Numbers of slitting machinery are programmed to perform this task

slitted coils are de-coiled and fed into the strip joiner which welds previous strip’s end to he new strip’s front edge, this is essential for continuous operation.

After ends of strips are welded together to make a continuous line of raw material, the steel band goes through an accumulator and then to the forming station. Accumulator will assure continuous pipe production.

To guarantee quality of the weld, the outer edges of steel strips are scraped by edge milling machine due to specified tolerance. In the next step, pipe is gradually formed; afterward the pipe will go through ERW welding machine that welds the pipe edges. Then weld beads are removed from inside and outside the pipe.

Immediately after bead removal, ultra sonic test is conducted on the welded joint (to assure weld quality), and if required (for some steel types) heat treatment is also carried out. Various non-destructive and destructive test are also carried out.

The last station is ends beveling, non-destructive tests (hydrostatic, ultra sonic), and visual inspection. All of these are to assure our customers of the highest quality products.


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