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Phase 1

In this section slitted coils of suitable specifications are cold formed into the shape of pipes and then are welded through electrical resistance welding (ERW) process.

First (Hot or Cold Rolled) coils are fed into the slitting machine, cut to required widths (pipe circumference); onward strips are sent to the forming section where coils are gradually cold formed into the pipes; the newly formed pipes are sent to welding section, where a High Frequency Induction welding unit welds the two edges of plate that were put together in pipe forming section. The outer weld bead will be removed. This service is also available for inner weld bead as per request. Afterward the pipes are cut then to the lengths according to the orders. Through each section the sampling is done for application of the required test under the supervision of quality control department. Various non-destructive and destructive tests are carried out to ensure its accordance with required standards of the order and to assure products of finest quality.

All sorts of pipes with outside diameter of 10 up to 168 millimeters are manufactured in this plant. The modern machinery of this plant are also capable of producing all sort of industrial and constructional profiles, pipes for water and gas services at a rate of 160 meter per minute. Also varieties of profiles such as U sections, angles, door & window frames, or as per customer’s instruction are produced in this plant.


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