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Golnardeh Pipe and Profile Manufacturing Company as one of the biggest manufacturers of steel pipes and profiles with 100,000 tons a year used in key industrial of energy, into industry and construction has been founded based on respecting customers rights.
In order to achieve customers' satisfaction we have defined the following principles.


1. To produce high quality products according to what may fulfill customers' satisfaction. We respond our customer as quality, sensitively, and respectfully as possible.
2. We are responsible for providing a comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant for our personal, who are the most valuable sources.
3. We earn vital experience by challenging the steel products market to archive efficient leadership and innovation.
4. We have solid commitment to develop our company so as to enter new markets of the industry.

The Ultimate Objective

1. To achieve constant growth and variety in production.
2. To achieve constant growth in capacity an efficiency and technology and braining the personnel.
3. To achieve desired financial result to invest more especially in personnel.

1. To earn customer's satisfaction.
2. To expand a biggest market shares in energy, auto industry, and construction.
3. To start vat over products.
4. To reach new domestic markets.
5. To reach 20% export of the total sale.
NO. 6, 2nd Floor, Marmar Building, Pamenar St., 15th of Khordad St.,Tehran, Iran